Friday, September 11, 2009

How can your heart break for someone you never met?

How can your heart break for someone you never met?

To catch everyone up here is what has been going on in our world. A few weeks ago my beloved Heather was not feeling well so on a whim took a home pregnacy test which to our amazement came up positive. We thought "no way" and went to the Dr. who then confirmed it. We were very excited about our little supprise and patiently waited for the next Dr. visit. Another week or so passed and we reran the test and the HCg levels were rising but not as fast as we would expect. Dr. said it just might be early or it could be a tubal pregnancy which started the rollercoaster ride of emotions. As the days passed we went from one extreme to another, happy to terrified. This week at the last ultrasound we still did not see anything and the HCG levels were dropping off. So for a few wonderful weeks my beloved Heather was once again pregnant (with our duaghter, we hoped) but now it looks like it was not ment to be. Please keep us in you thoughts and we thank you for all your support and good wishes. Farewell little (Calliope as we called you)and I love you Heather with all my heart.


Mary said...

We are sad with you. Blessings to you and Heather and your family. (from a Fishie)

Monkeys Mommy ♥ said...

I didn't know...I'm sorry you have to go through the pain and disappointment yet again. I've been there and it sucks!